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Mold issues

We evaluate hundreds of basements for waterproofing issues each year. Many of those basements have paint or coatings on the interior walls. Most of the time, it is a product called Drylok. UGL, makers of this product, have done a tremendous job marketing to you, the homeowner. They claim to “solve water seepage problems” and is “Guaranteed to stop water” with a “Fully transferable 10 year warranty”[1].

As we look at the warranty closer, it is quite clear that the product does not work. As a matter of fact, you must apply these products to “properly prepared bare masonry surfaces”. Moreover, “may be applied over previous coatings in sound condition, but the warranty is void”[2].

Go Dry Waterproofing has been solving basement waterproofing challenges for over 28 years in the Tri Cities. Our warranty is simple, if we waterproof a basement, we guarantee to stop the water into your basement, the end. Call us today for your free evaluation @ 423-863-2909.