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We’re the Tri-Cities only complete water management service. We waterproof on the outside, evacuate water from the inside, encapsulate wet smelly crawlspaces, and we make soggy yards dry. Truth is, no one else in the area can do as much as Go-Dry Waterproofing to end your water issues.

There are times when our Interior evacuation system is all that’s needed, and times when the only way to eliminate the problem is by real exterior waterproofing. While most of our competitors are focused only on interior solutions, this positively will not work in all cases. Let’s face it, if your walls are wet, there isn’t an interior evacuation system out there that will solve your problem. And painting the walls is the worse thing you can do, as this disallows the wall from drying.

Still some of our lower level competition feels it necessary to spread untruths about real exterior waterproofing. They claim there will be an 8’x8’x8’ deep ditch dug or that pipes installed will clog, or why ruin your yard, etc. Salespeople spin all of these untruths in order to earn a quick buck that usually leaves you with a smelly moldy basement. And if these scare tactics don’t work they’ll start offering you discounts that should have been offered up front.

We’re different because we want you to explore every option out there before spending your hard-earned money. And we won’t offer you phony discounts or put down our competition when we come to see you!