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Graduate women holding mock house

Go Dry Waterproofing is local and we’ve been serving the Tri Cities for over 29 years. There are no Salespeople in our organization. We understand how your home was built as we’ve built many homes, developed sub-divisions and performed major renovation projects as well as simple residential remodels. If you’re looking for a Salesperson, you’ve come to the wrong place.

We believe it’s far better to explain the reasons for your problem rather than trying to sell you. Our entire process is about educating our clients, so they can make a pressure-free informed decision at their convenience, rather than using phony discounts or bogus specials to get you to buy immediately.

We’re proud of our old-fashioned customer service and our common sense no Salesman approach, as well as our track record of successfully waterproofing thousands of local homes and businesses. Instead of employing trickery and falsehoods to make a fast sale, we believe our clients deserve an opportunity to do their diligence by investigating all options before they buy.

Our competition has many methods by which to pressure you into buying their services on the first visit. Ask yourself, if their process is so good, why all the urgency and pressure to buy today??? You deserve better, give us a call and one of our owners will come out, take a look, and thoroughly explain your problem without asking you to buy anything, you’re under no obligation and that’s our promise.