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FAQ for Basement Waterproofing and More

Think of your problem as a very small cavity found by your Dentist.  You may not have toothache pain now but, you will when the cavity gets worse.  Taking action before the leak becomes a major problem eliminates the potential of structural decay and health risk while preserving a strong resale value for your home. 

Adding a French drain will NOT solve your problem.  French drains help redirect some surface water only.  Your real issue is water UNDER the ground penetrating the foundation wall at it’s base. 

The chances of the the problem being facilitated by a wet weather spring are remote because builders will not build in areas known to be potential flood zones.  Your problem is more likely a low foundation leak, and that’s where the foundation wall joins the footing below floor level.  

Regrettably, there’s nothing you can use as an effective patch in this area.  The problem is originating from outside the foundation wall and not the inside.  Any patching on the inside will be ineffective due to hydrostatic pressure.  The entry point is too far removed from where you could install a patch anyway. 

NO!  The very last thing you want to ever do is seal the block thus never allowing the water in the block to evaporate.  Painting such products on your wall will act as a dam and that means your foundation wall will always be damp and wet.  These expensive products won’t even begin to slow down a low foundation leak, so stay clear of them!

It all depends on your goal.  Do you want to drain the water away once in gets inside by using a sump pump or, do you want to keep the water from entering the walls making certain your basement remains dry ?  According to the dictionary, the definition of waterproof is “to keep out water”; that’s something interior systems don’t and can’t do.

We understand and are capable of doing it all, and have done it all over three decades.  We’ve waterproofed thousands of new construction homes for dozens of builders and we’ve waterproofed upwards of a thousand older homes throughout the Tri City and Southwest Virginia market.  We’ll inspect and always recommend what’s best for your situation! 

We never charge any verified homeowner to inspect, find, and thoroughly explain the problem.  And we never send a “salesman” out because we don’t (and won’t) ever have one.  A corporate principle (vested owner) would call you to schedule an appointment, it’s that easy.  There’s no pressure and we’ll give you an exact price, not an estimate!

Guarantees are generally written by the company attorney using creative language designed to protect the interests of the company, not yours!  You won’t find that here.  Instead, you’ll find a real guarantee, something you can sink your teeth into, something clearly written without the and, ifs or buts….that’s a guarantee!

We never use high pressure tactics or, phony buy today and save techniques.  Our process is to better inform our clients and encourage them to learn and make the best decision regarding their home’s waterproofing.  

You can call 423-863-2909 or fill out the form, the choice is yours.  It’s great to hear you wish to be fully informed before buying, that’s the way it should happen.  We consider an informed homeowner to be our best client.  

Thank you for your time and please feel free to reach out today, we look forward to speaking with you!

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