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“Lifetime Guarantee”, “Non-Expiring Full Warranty”, and “Life of the Structure Guarantee” are just a few of the bold print titles of Guarantees offered by waterproofing companies. They all sound great on the surface, but the fine print will soon make you realize you’re not going to get the ‘REAL’ waterproofing you’ve paid for. The bold type makes you feel covered, but you’re not. I’ll explain:

Understand that Guarantees are written by a company attorney in order to protect the company, NOT YOU! That’s true and it applies to most guarantees, not just waterproofing. So how can they say you’re covered, but in reality tell you the opposite?

It’s all done in the fine print and these little truths are called ‘disclaimers’, meaning here are the things or reasons why you cannot collect if we fail to end your water problems. Little harmless words like, “no warranty for damp spot discoloration of walls” (meaning if your walls get wet there’s no guarantee!), or “no guarantee if the system is overrun” (meaning if it doesn’t work when there’s a lot of rain you lose again!). Some are even so bold as to say, “no guarantee for wet walls or floors”. It’s ridiculous and abusive to say the least.

Our Guarantee has NO FINE PRINT because our system works and we didn’t need an attorney to create it, we did it ourselves nearly 30-years ago. Here is a REAL guarantee, if our system fails, we’ll stand behind it, PERIOD! If you’re tired of the “fine print” give us a call today.