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Time clock

In our modern world we’ve become dependent upon technology to tell us when its time to change the oil in our car, when we should insert a new water filter in our refrigerator and so many other things. But when is the right time to eliminate the water intrusion issue in your basement or crawlspace? Since winter poses many building related issues, we generally see construction projects sprouting up about the same time as flowers in our garden. And while most construction projects are not urgent, waiting for better weather seems to make sense.

Now, if we have a toothache or a medical issue the best policy is to get it taken care of as quickly as possible because matters can become much worse by postponing corrective measures. The very same thing applies to your leaking basement or the water in your crawlspace. If your house were a living thing, experiencing water intrusion, it would be screaming for help! It would be burdened with harmful mold growth, rotting structural components, and left unattended for too long the value of the property would decline.

With all this in mind the best time to eliminate unwanted water intrusion would be ‘NOW’! Time is of the essence when it comes to structural decay, potential health risks, and property devaluation. Waiting just worsens the problem and usually renders the job more difficult than need be and ultimately much more expensive. If your home is crying for help give us a call today!