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Paint brush on stool

Painting your wet basement block walls with products offered by most building supply stores, may seem to be a logical way to eliminate water coming through the walls. While these products temporarily seal the pores of the block, it won’t last long. Water will find its way through and once again leave you with the same problem. In the meanwhile, you paid quite a bit for the product and needlessly wasted your time spreading the material (it’s quite thick) which in the end would be a lost cause. Also, if you had the time to read the guarantee offered by these products, you’ll discover they are essentially worthless.

Painting these sealants on the basement walls will also create a (temporary) dam situation. Allowing water to accumulate and rise within the block effectively saturating the entire wall up to the sill plate (which is the lumber directly on top of the block upon which the upper portion of the house is built). If the sill plate becomes wet, the problem once relegated to the basement, now travels to the upper level of your home.

Therefore, we will never recommend you paint wall sealants on your basement walls for these and many other reasons. If you have tried to fix the problem using these paints or, are tired of dealing with wet basement walls, give us a call. We can make your basement dry, guaranteed.