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water flowing out of roof gutter

Downspouts are causing my basement leak. We all have our own opinion about anything and everything to include why water may be entering your basement. Generally these opinions, let’s call them “false solutions”, offer a quick fix that for the most part fix nothing. Many of these false solutions cost little more than some time while others are rather expensive. Today, we’ll take a look at the one of the most common, least expensive and less effective false solutions.

DOWNSPOUTS: Downspouts are blamed for basement leaks more than anything else when in fact, less than 5% of the time, this is found NOT to be the cause. The easiest way to determine if the downspout(s) is the issue is to purchase an inexpensive 10’ section corrugated pipe from any building supply house. Slide one end up on the downspout (open end) and direct the water away from the house via the other end. If you still get water in your basement after a couple of days of heavy rain, the downspout solution can be ruled out.

If your downspouts are NOT the cause of your leaky basement and you’re getting frustrated, call us. We have been doing basement waterproofing for over 27 years in the Tri Cities. We can make your basement dry, guaranteed.