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We all have a basic understanding of gravity, which is the reason water runs downhill. If your house is in the valley (or bottom of a hill) you might think that water, being pulled down the hill and running toward your house, is the reason for your basement leak. If so, you’d be partially correct in your assumption, but not fully. Many of our clients have gone to the time and expense of grading around their home in order to direct the runoff away, yet the leaking basement still persists. Why?

To explain; it’s obvious that without the water there would be no leaking at the foundation, so re-routing the runoff will offer some help but will not solve the overall problem. The reason why the issue continues is the subterranean water (water below ground) that’s finding its way into your foundation simply because the original waterproofing, if any, is no longer working. Hence, any topical grading generally never eliminates the problem.

If you are having any leaky basement issues, we’d be glad to provide any homeowner with a free, no obligation, inspection!