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Beautiful home

We hope everyone has had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving during these most difficult of times. We look forward to better days and remain thankful for all we’ve had to celebrate in days gone by.

Now let’s talk briefly about BIG problem #3: the Resale Value of your home. In a prior post we’ve discussed the fact that any existing problems with your house must be disclosed, to any potential buyer prior to the sale, according to law. So we will not go into that subject again. Instead, let’s talk about those potential customers who would be interested in purchasing your house.

According to national statistics, 25 out of every one hundred structures experience some form of water intrusion at the below grade foundation. With this in mind, and if you we’re one of those 25 people looking to purchase a house, would you be interested in following through with that purchase once you find out the basement leaks? My guess is, probably not. Why in the world would you knowingly want to purchase a house that will require you to vacuum water with every hard rain? Why would you go through the pain and expense of removing and then replacing mold infested building materials? Why would you want to expose yourself and your love ones to the health hazards caused by mold? And finally, would you pay full value for the house knowing these problems exist?

Over the past 27 years we’ve found that the price of waterproofing the average house is far less than the amount of money the homeowner would lose by disclosing the problem and then selling the property “as is” at a lower price. You’ve worked hard to build the equity in your home and we’re here to help you protect your investment. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out to provide you with a free inspection. You’ll be money ahead by doing so!