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Christmas tree

I know you’re thinking, “How in the world could a Christmas tree be associated with basement waterproofing?” Please allow me to explain.

Let’s assume your unfinished basement or crawlspace has bare or unfinished cinder block walls. As you already know, these porous blocks are the foundational walls (both interior and exterior) for your basement. Moreover, since up to 25% of basements leak, we know that water leaks become visible on the interior walls at their bottoms and corners. As water evaporates off the block, a crystalline or powdery deposit of salts becomes visible on the surfaces. This is known as efflorescence. These salts, along with darkened areas (water in the block), form a triangular shape in the corner(s) of the wall(s) known as the Christmas tree.

Luckily, we at Go Dry Waterproofing are experts at eliminating those types of Christmas trees forever. Call today for your FREE evaluation.

We want to wish everyone a joyous and wonderful Christmas season !

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