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Mold issues

Water damage in your house (part one)

Neglecting a leaking basement could be a direct hit on your pocketbook not to mention your health. It’s a fact; a leaking basement is the cause of many problems that can lead to structural decay of your home and health risks to you and your family. It could also dash any hopes of selling the property for full market value, since this must be disclosed as mentioned in earlier posts. Today, we’ll look at BIG problem number one, structural decay.

Water and building products simply don’t mix unless they are products designed to be outside of the home (such as roofing shingles). If your basement is finished, the wall covering, interior framing, baseboard, carpeting or hardwood, insulation and other building materials are very susceptible to damage from water. You might start to smell a musty or mildew odor. This is usually when you first start to notice signs of water intrusion and possibly some discoloration, spots or actual damage. If the basement is not finished, there are dangers of structural damage due to water “wicking” upward in the foundation wall until it reaches the sill plate which is the lumber directly supporting the floor joists leading to the upper floor. In either case, the damage can be quite extensive and really expensive. Catching and mitigating the problem as early as possible, is the key to saving money and promoting better health.

Next time, we’ll discuss further those health risks associated with a foundational leaks. In the meantime, should you have any questions, we stand ready to provide a FREE evaluation ,which is only a phone call away!