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First, Go Dry Waterproofing is not coming to your house to “Sell” you something. In fact, we try to find low-cost alternatives to even using our services. It’s not that we are lazy and do not want the work, we always want to be honest with you. If that means providing information for the homeowner doing something easy to fix the problem, great. Second, we are coming to your house to evaluate and determine the best options for you. During this process, we suggest that you contact other waterproofing contractors to also evaluate your situation.  The more you know, the better informed you will be in making the right decision. Third, do not feel pressured into making a quick decision with phony discounts for buying today. Go Dry Waterproofing refuses to use any of those techniques. After our evaluation, we offer the homeowner the best solution for his/her situation, and we will not contact you again to find out if you have made any decisions yet. You’re an adult, you do not need us hounding you into a sale. If you need more information, call us at your convenience. 

I almost forgot, what does it cost for the estimate? We have been serving the Tri Cities for almost 30 years providing free estimates to homeowners in this area. Call today for the regions only local basement waterproofing authority 423-863-2909