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Wooden plank supported for wall

An unfinished basement is the perfect place to add that extra bedroom, a mudroom, an in-law quarters, family recreation room, sewing room or the perfect spot for that pool table you’ve always dreamed of having. You can create a whole new world without leaving your house. A properly finished basement will increase the value of your home…and the price is right because finishing a basement is the least expensive addition you can add to create an abundance of extra space.

The main issue when finishing a basement is to make absolutely certain it remains dry. Wet foundation walls and any other leaking basement issues must be fully resolved before attempting to install the building materials necessary to create your new world. If proper basement waterproofing is overlooked it won’t be long until you begin noticing a musty mildew smell as water begins infiltrating and destroying building materials that were meant to remain dry. The worse case scenario is beyond the loss of money, it’s when you begin noticing black mold flourishing on your nicely finished walls.

A bone-dry foundation is key when it comes to finishing any basement. So when you select a waterproofer make certain they guarantee the walls will remain dry (in writing). Over 27 years we’ve properly waterproofed thousands of local basements and we stand ready to assist you. Just give us a call before you build and you’ll be money ahead!

If you want to learn more about costs and finishing your basement space, please go to our convenient web link below:,upgrading%20an%20already%20refinished%20space