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Mold issue

Our last two posts dealt with understanding the difference between ‘black’ mold and ‘toxic’ mold. Now that we have a basic understanding of just what this black colored mold is, how does it grow and how do we get rid of it?

Like you and I, mold needs food, oxygen, and a place to live. Mold’s primary food is moisture such as the moisture in your leaking basement. We are unable to eliminate oxygen while the porous building materials and items stored in your basement make a perfect home for this unwanted visitor. Simply eliminate one of these 3 needs and the mold dries up within 24 to 36 hours. When dried, you can clean it up with bleach or brown vinegar, and the mold will no longer produce airborne spores. But understand, it must first be dried per the above.

So let’s determine which of the 3 elements – mold needs to survive – that we can eliminate. Obviously the air (oxygen) is here to stay and the building materials in your basement are a necessity. So what’s left? Moisture is the one item we can dispense of in order to do away with mold. Lose the water, lose the mold…it’s that simple. And removing the moisture is our sole purpose. Proper waterproofing that keeps water from entering the below grade foundation is the key to eliminating your mold issue forever. Give us a call, we’ll be glad to provide any homeowner with a no cost, no pressure, no obligation, free inspection and estimate.