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Water sprinkled

In basement waterproofing, there are two types of systems, interior and exterior. Both systems have their positives and negatives, so which system is right for you????

Go Dry Waterproofing offers both interior and exterior solutions. After completing our evaluation, we carefully analyze your situation and determine which one is best for you.

Interior systems are designed to channel water entering low into your foundation walls to a drainage system running parallel along the perimeter of the basement floor. The water is then directed into a sump well (inside) and pumped back out of the basement up and away from the house. These systems are good at stopping the homeowner from having to worry about removing excess water on the basement floor. However, they do NOT stop the water from entering the walls and the damage/deterioration that is caused behind this system.

Exterior systems are normally what we suggest and here is the reason why. Think about a roof leak, would you ever fix a roof leak from the inside? Basement waterproofing is much the same as that roof leak. Water is coming into your house through those walls. Go Dry Waterproofing wants to STOP that water from ever entering your house. The ONLY way to do that is from the outside.

Our exclusive drainage system has dried out hundreds of your neighbors’ houses here in the Tri Cities. Our system creates a barrier to stop any water and drainage to channel that water away from your basement. The end result is a dry basement with dry walls…and we Guarantee it!

We would like the opportunity to come to see your situation and see how we can help. Call 423-863-2909 for your free evaluation.