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Why me? At times is seems we are dealt with more than our fair share of problems when in fact you’re really not alone. Take a leaking basement for example; statistics show 27% of all existing residential basements in the USA are leaking below grade. While 27% may not sound like much It’s a big number in reality.

If you intend to sell your house down the road it means that 27 out of every one hundred people interested in your property would more than likely walk away, not wanting to once again face the nightmare of another leaking basement. That’s nearly 3 prospective buyers out of every 10…and that’s huge! And to prove how big this number really is let me ask you just one question: “would you buy another house knowing, up front, that the basement leaks or floods?” I’d imagine your response would be, “NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT”!

Let us solve your leaky basement forever!!! Call us at 423-863-2909 today for your FREE inspection.