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If you’ve been following along with the past few posts, it’s now time to call the owner who occupied the house prior to our purchase. After little satisfaction from our home inspector we want answers and we believe the prior owner had to know the basement leaked every time it rained. Here goes:

We get him on the phone and immediately ask if he ever experienced water in the basement after it rained. He said, “it happened one time about 10 years ago, but never again”, so he thought the problem “resolved itself”. Not satisfied we ask why the basement baseboard was replaced and newly painted. He responds, “it really didn’t look good so I decided to replace it before listing the house”. We then ask why he didn’t replace the baseboard in the living room as it’s falling apart. He said, “I didn’t notice that or I would have.” We end the call realizing we aren’t getting anywhere.

We feel strongly that the prior owner has something to hide and it’s time for legal action.

Perhaps a lawyer can get to this bottom of this and hold the prior owner accountable. More importantly, we want the basement fixed right and we want him to pay for it! So we ask around and find a lawyer who specializes in Real Estate and we call him to make an appointment. Check our next post to be surprised what we find out from our lawyer.