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At one time or another just about every homeowner has heard the term “French Drain”, but exactly what is it, what is it’s purpose, and what is it supposed to do? While many of our readers initially believe this type drain will resolve their wet basement problems, it doesn’t take them long to realize they were mistaken.

A French Drain is little more than a slotted inexpensive drain tile buried just below the surface on the uphill side of a property. In theory, this pipe will collect surface water as it seeps into the shallow ground and then directs it away. And that it will do, but it will not collect enough, regardless of drain size, when it comes to the heavy rains that will continue to saturate the ground and find their way into your basement. This drain will also not eliminate hydrostatic pressure; the main reason water enters your foundation wall. Nor will it eliminate water rising from your water table, that will enter low, through the expansion joint area in your basement. This drain is positively not reliable when it comes to keeping your basement dry. While relatively inexpensive, the term “you get what you pay for” is applicable when it comes to French Drains.

If your basement is still leaking and you’re frustrated with water seeping into your basement. Call your trusted neighborhood basement waterproofing experts, Go Dry Waterproofing 423-863-2909.